Main phases taken in the Oracle Primavera software:

  1. Support during the design phase
  2. Estimation of labour, physical volumes and cost of construction sites
  3. Production scheduling in the Oracle Primavera software
  4. Support of the construction (updating schedules, reporting)


Benefits of using the Oracle Primavera software:

  • Efficient tool for project management from the commissioning and up to the implementation
  • Balanced picture of project process
  • Opportunity to manage large amounts of data and project phases
  • Risk identification at an early stage of a project
  • Efficient tool for taking better management decisions


Support during the design phase

1.1 Production scheduling in the Oracle Primavera software

1.2 Updating schedules and assessment to the design work progress

1.3 Informing the Customer of emerging problems and reasons of delays at this phase


Estimation of labour, physical volumes and cost of construction sites

2.1 Development of the “structure” of the complex adaptable to further updating and reporting (objects/subobjects/floors/types of work) and universal encoding of types of work

2.2 Determination of the physical scope of work due to the “structure”

2.3 Estimation of total amount of labour due to the “structure” (on the basis of physical volumes of work)

2.4 Estimation of cost of the construction site



Production scheduling in the Oracle Primavera software

3.1 Introducing the WBS structure and calculated resources into the Oracle Primavera software (quantities and required amount of labour)

3.2 Assignment of required activity codes in accordance with the Customer requirements (turn, complex, object, floor, type of work, contractor, etc.)

3.3 Defining the links between works jointly with the Customer

3.4 Estimation of duration, target dates for finalizing the works and site construction jointly with the Customer

3.5 Based on the developed production schedule to provide the Customer with information about the number of people required on the site/ each sub-site/ according to types of work (monthly/ weekly) in order to complete works on each site within the projected time frame



Support of construction (Updating schedules, reporting)

4.1 Weekly input of relevant performance of each type of work (volumes, labor costs)

4.2 Providing the Customer with up-to-date information on the relevant % of works performed for each object / sub-object / type of work

4.3 Informing the Customer about changing the duration work at sites as well as about emerging backlog of target plan

4.4 Informing the Customer about the required number of people at each of the sites, in accordance with the current situation and the amount of work performed. Comparison with the actual number of people at the sites

4.5 Monthly input to Oracle Primavera of up-to-date information on design period and procurements

4.6 Providing a full set of weekly and monthly reports on the work performed.

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