Development and introduction of Geological and Mining Information System (GMIS)

Development and introduction of automated computer systems, complexes, work places of specialists for joint working of services, units and specialists of the mining enterprise.


Modeling of geomechanical and related processes

  • Determination of effective physical and mechanical properties of rock massifs, construction of numerical structural and geological models of rock masses
  • Geomechanics and related hydro/gas geomechanics modeling of rock masses with taking into account natural and technology-related disruptions
  • Study of stability of underground workings, development of applied methods for calculating stability and service life of workings, selection and parameters of security measures and lining.
  • Modelling the land surface displacing as well as deformations in the area of a mineral deposit development
  • Related problems of geomechanics and hydrogeology
  • Related problems of geomechanics and heat-mass-exchange
  • Modelling and research of various technological development schemes
  • Related  problems  of   geomechanics  and  mechanics  of   mining   machines  and mechanisms
  • Development of applied computer systems on the basis of modern CAD \ CAE systems and technologies
  • Development and implementation of geomonitoring systems for studying and forecasting the state of the rock mass from the earth's surface to the depths of mining

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